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About the Volunteer One System

Core Modules and add-on functions to suit your event


Modules that make up Volunteer.One

Core modules are built in, and add-on modules are available at competitive rates

Event EOI

Volunteers submit an EOI for upcoming events, and organisers can see marketing performance and volunteer engagement.

Self-serve OnBoarding

Volunteers are directed through providing information, details about certifications, and uploading supporting documents.


Volunteers can apply at multiple events. See their references and star ratings on metrics like Integrity, Professionalism, Approachability, etc.

Final Acceptance

Volunteers are kept up to date of their application, and can see if they've been successful.

Dashboard Access

Administration Dashboard for managing Organisations, Events, and Rosters


See multiple data points about Volunteers and their onboarding status at a glance

Allocate Roles

For small events, a volunteer can work in a role for each day of the event.

Advanced Rostering

(Add-on) Rostering of Shifts of volunteers to a work location, with granularity down to 1/2 hour increments.

Area Checkins

(Add-on) Tablet-based Work Location checkin/checkout, so you can see number of volunteers at an area, and cater for absentees, breaks, etc.

Surge Management

(Add-on) Staff at a Work Location can signal a Surge Call, and available volunteers in surrounding Work Areas can respond.

Module Costing

Service is charged by hour and part-hour units, with a split cost model for Pre-event Design and planning versus Go-Live Event Rates.
Add-on modules can be switched off by organisers to prevent accidental charge by accessing a module
Most organisations budget for a month or two of design phase before their multi-day event phase

Hours are typically pre-purchased in the design phase, and the balance is consumed during planning and go-live
Remaining hours enable an organisation to preserve their data and roster plans for future events, as a charge occurs only if a module is accessed.

ModulePre-event Design Hourly Rate/HourEvent Go-Live Hourly Rate/Hour
Base Modules
  • EOI Signup before Event/Go-Live Start
  • Onboarding volunteers prior to event
  • Experience and References
  • Certifications and supporting materials
  • Terms, Conditions and Acceptance
  • Only charged if volunteer app is used in any hour

Advanced Rostering
  • Unlimited Roles and nested sub-roles
  • Unlimited 'Shifts' with allocations
  • Reports on volunteer attendance and completion
  • Historical storage of shifts for future reference for up to 7 years
  • Only charged if module is used in any hour

Area Checkins
  • Volunteer On-Site/Off-Site attendance capture
  • Volunteer On-Shift/Off-Shift work-area capture
  • Checkin/Checkout of breaks
  • Live Screen of attendance/breaks of volunteers to work-areas
  • Only charged if module is used in any hour

Surge Management
  • Anticipated volunteers required per shift
  • Actual volunteers checked onto shift
  • Real-time volunteers needed per work-area override
  • Live screen of surge calls and load across all areas
  • Ability for Area Supervisor to clear surge call
  • Only charged if module is used in any hour

Hours are purchased from within the dashboard once an organisation has created an account.
PayPal is used for secure payment management


Currently Open Events for your Expression of Interest (EOI)

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Volunteer One is a Weeks Industries project
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